Jon Kennard

I’m a writer and editor with 15 years’ experience in digital publishing and social media marketing.

The Internet of Things in 2016

A collection of recent writing about the Internet of Things. Driverless cars, talking kettles, smart tattoos, it's all here.

Jargon Unchained

No-one likes business jargon, right? But we often end up using it anyway, for one reason or another. Have a free book I wrote under a pseudonym.

Invader FM x Upfest 2016

Invader FM was delighted to once again programme the North St Green stage at Upfest this year. Upfest is Europe's largest live street art and graffiti festival.



For a year, I reviewed every film I watched on Twitter, and here’s an ebook.

Where's the Party to?

This is a low-res, full length version of the documentary that was shot in 2007 and 2008. It's about Bristol dance music and features DJs and producers such as Smith and Mighty, DJ Derek, Kelz, John Stapleton, Clipz, Deli G and many more.